How to clear cookies/cache and DNS entries?

As most of customer having issues of cookies/caches or outdated DNS record issue.
In this article we will teach you how to remove caches/cookies of a web browser also remove outdated DNS entries of a web server from your computer/browser.

1. Flush Chrome Browser DNS Records: 

If you are using chrome web browser you need to type this address on address bar at top of the chrome page.

You will see all DNS entries saved in your web browser.
On the top you will see caption: Host resolver cache, now click on button "clear host cache" to remove all dns entries.
And just close your web browser.

 Flush Windows DNS Records:

After that you have to open command prompt by just pressing "Windows + R" button and in run tab you have to enter "cmd" and press enter. It will prompt a black screen window.

# Now Just type in command prompt "ipconfig /flushdns"
After click Enter you will get message "Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache."
That means now all DNS entries from your windows cache is removed.

3.  Clear Temporary Cookies Files:

To clear temporary cookies files you have to again just press "Windows + R" button and in run tab you have to enter "%temp%" and click enter. You will see all cookies files of application that using cookies in your system. Now just select all by pressing "CTRL+A" and delete all files and folders.

Note: All browsers/application must be closed before doing step 3 process. 

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