How to view all your hosting accounts in WHM?

This article explains how you can view all your hosting accounts listed under your account in WHM. This guide assumes you have either a reseller account or a VPS/Dedicated Server with root/reseller access.

Access WHM

WHM can be accessed by entering any of the URLs listed below in your browser’s address bar, replacing serverURL and with the actual values:


Login with the username and password found in the welcome email you were sent when you signed up for your account (You can find emails in your Email History anytime.)

View All Accounts in WHM

From the left navigation menu, click on Account Information > List Accounts. Alternately, you can use the search box and type “list Accounts“. This will show a list of accounts within your WHM account.

The List Accounts page shows:

  • Domains listed on the account
  • cPanel icon for each account (to log in as the root owner)
  • IP address assigned to each cPanel
  • Username assigned to each cPanel
  • Contact email address associated with each account
  • Date when the account was setup in WHM.
  • Quota (disk space) allocated to account
  • Disk space used so far
  • Package the account was assigned to when created in WHM
  • cPanel theme

Clicking on the cPanel icon will log you into that account

You can now see all your accounts and log in to each separate account via WHM

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