How long does it take to activate service?

After proceed Payment confirmation as describe in Payment Confirmation Article

Domain Registration:
Country Tld E.g. .pk,,, will be activate within 24-72 hours.
Other domains .com, .net, .org etc.. will be activate within 1-12 hours.
(Keep in mind the DNS Propagation Period Time)

Shared/Reseller Hosting:
Your Shared/Reseller Hosting Plan will be activate instantly incase if you didn't order any new Domain.
Your Shared/Reseller Hosting Plan will be activate within 6 hours, if you have order a new Domain name.

VPS or DEDICATED Server will be activate within 6-48 hours.

Please Note this is TAT time to activate services on priority basis, service can take more time to setup
as it depends on sales queue and other billing issues. (E.g. Hold/Unverified Payments)
  • TAT time to activate service, activate service
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