How to install Sentora Panel on your server?

  • Your server must comply with our Pre-installation Check.
  • You MUST have setup DNS for the sub-domain that will be assigned to Sentora panel PRIOR to install.

Once logged in SSH console as root, use this command line:(You MUST use root! Not sudo!)

 bash <(curl -L -Ss
If you have issues with curl you can try to copy and paste this command (for CentOS):
#  yum install wget -y && cd /tmp && wget && bash install

Alternatively you can do it manually:
1) Login to your server as root user:

  sudo -i

2) Ensure you are in your home directory:


3) download the installer


If you get a certificate error from github try one of the two lines below

wget --no-check-certificate


4) Make the installer executable

chmod +x install

5) Run the installer

sudo ./install

If you get error "It appears that package httpd is already installed. This installer
is designed to install and configure Sentora on a clean OS installation only!"
Then just execute following commands to remove httpd or mysql from server

#  yum erase httpd httpd-tools apr apr-util
#  yum remove bind​ || 
sudo yum remove bind 

7) Return to user level ( or reboot server )
exit || reboot

Post install: All passwords are saved in file /root/passwords.txt
Root Directory: /var/zpanel/hostdata/zadmin/public_html/

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