Reseller hosting account migration

Quick Steps

  1. Inform us of accounts to migrate.
  2. 25 cPanel accounts can be migrated free of charge.
  3. We use automated scripts to migrate the accounts.
  4. Just sit back, relax and we will handle the rest.

With the purchase of your Skyhost Systems, reseller hosting account, comes a free migration from your old hosting provider. The reseller hosting migration process is similar to migrating a shared hosting account, but the process is slightly longer.

We include up to 25 cPanel accounts free of charge. Additional cPanel accounts are $6 per cPanel account which covers the tasks below. If you have a large number of cPanel accounts, please get in touch with sales first, as we can always work a discount on the additional accounts to migrate.

The reseller hosting migration process is as follows:

  1. We evaluate your current reseller plan, accounts & storage usage
  2. Prep the destination server for account restorations
  3. Utilize our automated scripts to execute the backup systems on your old account
  4. Retrieve the backups on our servers & prep them for restoration
  5. Initiate the restore process on the server where your new reseller plan is
  6. Reassign permissions for all accounts to your reseller account (main account)
  7. Begin low level error checking & correct any noticeable issues
  8. Instruct you to change your DNS Nameservers
  9. Final error checking stage after the DNS is fully resolving
  10. Finalize the migration by addressing any remaining issues that arise after the DNS updates

During & shortly after a migration of a hosting account, there’s the possibility for errors to come up on some websites – this is mainly due to the differences between our servers and your previous hosting providers servers. Typically,  when an error is discovered, we can resolve them quickly. Some of the most common reasons for errors during/after a migration are:

  • Older versions of PHP
  • File permissions are not correct
  • .htaccess rules
  • custom php.ini files

We make all attempts for the migration process to go as smooth as possible however, it’s not always easy to predict what errors might display. This is largely due to the increasing number of website applications that resolve via DNS using the full site URL before they’ll work properly.

If you’re using value added software such as WHMCS, we can issue you a new key so that your billing system will continue to work after the migration. Please check with our support during the initial migration prep stages regarding any software that needs to be updated.

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